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[Video] Tadpole Development Time Lapse

Follow up to the Cell Development time lapse video.
This is of course another zygote developing shown with a time lapse. The same equipment was used.
The video starts where the other one essentially left off. 
You can see the blastopore forming as well.
That is where you end up with countless cells, it is hard to distinguish the individual cells, formation of the neural crest and embryonic eyes and gill and tail development. The last scene is a large magnification of blood flow within the embryonic gills.


PS this was what I should have previously uploaded whoops!


[Video] Cell Division Time-lapse 

Time_lapse of cell division from second cleavage. The animal pole is clearly visible in the upper half of the image.

A brief note about the image capture techniques:

Hi I can say that it was done with a custom designed microscope based on the "infinity optical design" It is not available by any manufacturer. I built it. I used LEDs and relevant optics to light the egg. They too were custom designed by me. The whole microscope sits on anti-vibration table. I have to say that it doesn't matter too much what microscope people use to perform this. There are countless other variables involved in performing this tricky shot, such as for example: the ambient temperature during shooting; the time at which the eggs were collected; the handling skills of the operator; the type of water used; lenses; quality of camera etc etc. Hope this helps.

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[Video] See Through Engine - 4K Slow Motion Visible Combustion

See Through Glass Head on Briggs and Stratton Internal Combustion Engine in Slow Motion and 4K Slow Motion. you can see just how and engine really works and the internal engine combustion process when we use our Phantom to film inside the engine in High Speed .
We made a glass head for a Briggs and Stratton engine to make the combustion process visible.

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