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[Video] How to Make Compost From Your Poo! - Closing the Loop

In this film we take a tour of Greg and Lisa's composting toilet setup and see how they've been safely composting and using their humanure on their veggie garden for over four years.

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[Video] Battle of the Ages 


‘Battle of Ages’ shot by Scott winn, with Canon XC10 Digital Cinema Camera.

*This sample movie was shot in 4K mode, and has been optimized for viewing on this website.

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[Link] Project Alexandria

Welcome to Project Alexandria! Being avid book readers ourselves, we know how hard it is to find just the right book to read. We also know the feeling of finishing a book and wanting to read another just like it.

To help readers like us, we built Project Alexandria, a book exploration engine. Unlike standard recommendation engines, we don’t just list books you may like. Rather, we let you explore a rich book landscape and highlight how books are related.

We analyzed over a million books, taking into account their genre, book descriptions, word choice and complexity, how similar their authors are, and what other people have said about the books. We connect books that have similar styles and subjects, or are written for particular audiences.