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[Link] GBA4IOS


[Documentary] Who Pays the Price?

This short documentary reveals the hazards of the electronics industry in China profiling workers poisoned by chemicals and their struggle for compensation. 

Thousands of young people in China enter export factories to make the West's favorite electronic gadgets, only to find they have contracted occupational diseases or worse, leukemia, by the age of 25. 

**stay tuned for a full-length film later this year!


[Video] Make your own iPhone Microscope

Build this awsome microscope that uses your iPhone for about $10. Not only will you have a high qaulity microcope, you'll also be able to take cool macro photo and video with it.

I'd like to build one and post results of photos I've taken with it. Maybe even get a little scientific too.

Find the directions on Instructables here

Article I found on Geek-O-System here