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[Video] Seed - The Untold Story

INDEPENDENT LENS: Farmers, scientists, lawyers and seed-keepers protect seeds, thereby protecting the future of food.


[Video] MTN Life Design featuring Marie-France Roy

MTN Life Design featuring Marie-France Roy from Snowboard Magazine on Vimeo.

Marie-France Roy has it made. Right now she’s holed up in a little cabin just outside the fishing village of Ucluelet on the western edge of Vancouver Island. It’s a fantasy forest. Sasquatch country. A wild place. She’s got chickens, a greenhouse and enough firewood for the winter. There are two houses on the land, the one she’s living in now, and the cob house she’s almost finished building. For the uninitiated, a cob house is like a normal house only it’s built with mud. Well, more specifically sand, clay and straw.


MTN Life Design featuring Marie-France Roy

Director / Editor
Liam Gallagher

Co-Director / Producer
Susie Floros

Kyle Kennedy

"Smokqueed" by Dr. Dankenstein



[Video] Earthships: A house made from beer cans sparks a movement

Directed by Flora Lichtman and Katherine Wells for The Adaptors, this film takes an in-depth look at a community living off the grid in Taos, New Mexico. Residents' homes are made out of natural and recycled materials and use solar and wind power for energy.
The community's founder, American architect Michael Reynolds, built his first Earthship house with beer cans in 1972 and has been dedicated to sustainable living for four decades.

Flora Lichtman:

Katherine Wells:

The Adaptors:

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